10 Common Ecommerce Mistakes to Avoid

Common Ecommerce Mistakes

Selling online can open up huge new markets for many businesses. If your store can be opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can reach the global market without the cost of mailing lists and call centres, this can be a huge boon for your business. But there are many things to consider when setting up an eCommerce store.

There are a lot of common eCommerce mistakes that online stores make every day, these errors can be avoided with careful planning. And even if you have already made some of these mistakes, most of them are quite easy to fix.

A large part of the Internet is currently devoted to trading, and people who own online stores are in fierce competition with each other for market share available in any industry.

This means that SEO is an incredibly important feature where a single mistake can doom your site to mediocrity. If you feel that your site is not being visited properly, or if you observe that your search engine ranking is decreasing for no apparent reason. You may have made one or more of the following errors.

1. Brief or completely missing product descriptions

Search engines love content, and this is doubly important for any product sold through the site. People also like the detailed description. There must be images of the goods sold, their price, a detailed description including specifications, software versions, storage facilities, and many others. etc. Whatever you sell. Too little content is a reason to pessimize the site on Google as part of the Panda algorithm. Always use several hundred words of unique content on any page, regardless of what this page contains. If you cannot write descriptions for the product yourself, use content exchanges, if you have too many similar products on separate pages, it would be better to group them on one.

2. Copied product description

Here are two scenarios that you often see in e-commerce:

  • You sell products that are made by another manufacturer, and the manufacturer already has good descriptions on his site. Thinking that these descriptions will serve with dignity, you copy them to the pages of your product.
  • You sell ten colourful versions of the same product. Thinking that ten pages are more likely than one, you create separate pages for each of these products, with colour changes as needed.

Both of these scenarios will provide you with pessimization for duplicate content. In the first case, search engines see that you copied the content from another site. In the second case, the difference between the pages is too small. Search engines – and your users – will benefit if you combine pages and use a simple drop-down box for colour differences.

3. Lack of feedback

Reviews serve three great purposes in your online store:

Firstly, they allow you to get potential buyers. A huge number of potential customers are looking for reviews before buying, and the reviews on your site will attract them.

Secondly, they serve to fill your site with unique content. This can give you tens or hundreds of words of valuable information.

Thirdly, it increases trust and confidence in your products and your business; people leave feedback only when something exceptional has happened, so positive feedback will be a great blessing.

4. Keywords

In online marketing, there is very high competition and if you, for example, are a modest shoe reseller (speculator ), do not try to occupy high positions on such keys as “Nike”, “Reebok”, “Adidas” and so on.

Instead, specify more related keywords and engage users who are looking for specific products from a particular niche.

5. Unreadable URLs

Which address looks better?




In the first case, you have no idea what the URL is. In the second case, you know that these are perfumes made by Oriflame. This is information that you only learn by looking at the URL. This is the type of address that you must use for both convenience and SEO benefits.

6. Duplicate page titles (Title Tags)

Duplicate content was mentioned above, but it is worth mentioning in particular that the names and descriptions of your pages should also be unique. If you have two pages called “Nike Black Shoes”, then you will not be able to display both of them in the search results.

Descriptions are more important. Search engines do not judge your site based on them, but this has an impact on users. Meta descriptions are what appear in search results; without it, search engines display the first text that they find, which may not be useful to the user.

7. Lack of canonical search

One of the biggest reasons for duplicate content in the search function. When search results are displayed using parameters in the URL, you can end up with thousands of pages with unique URLs that look the same.

You can solve this problem using tags.

8. No photos (or Alt Text)

A product page without any images does not inspire user confidence. People want to see what they buy, and if they don’t see it, then most likely they won’t buy it.

To attract search engines, you should also use alternate text for images. Describe what the image contains. Better yet, write a few keywords that you can use to get a rating when searching for images in this category.

9. Lack of local emphasis

If your business has a local branch, you can get great benefits from using local keywords. This is balancing to keep yourself in a narrow area of ​​local and global appeals.

10. No analytics

You can miss tons of traffic from people who came to your site through specific search queries, but cannot find the relevant pages, even if you have them. Other similar scenarios happen all the time, and you can use this traffic just by leaving your eyes open. Use analytics, such as Yandex metric, Google analytics, etc., to know how users who come to your site behave, what queries they come to you on, which pages and more. etc., so you can optimize your site as best as possible, thereby increasing the likelihood of sales.

Of course, there are many more common eCommerce mistakes. But most of the mistakes that I talked about in the article, you can recognize at the very beginning of the work or easily understand that you have made them on existing settings.

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