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Our sister company HostOlic offers cost–effective cloud hosting solutions. All hack/brute–force attacks on your websites will be immediately prevented thanks to our top–notch cloud hosting platform. Thanks to the top–line SSD drives and ZFS–based file storage deployed on our servers, the loading speeds of your web sites and apps will be considerably increased. A quick migration of your sites to our servers is provided at zero cost.
At HostOlic, you will find amazing domain registration prices. You can choose from among 50 different top–level domain names – from universal Top–Level Domains such as .COM and .INFO, to country–specific TLDs like .IT (for Italy) and .NE (for the Netherlands). Using our user–friendly Domain Manager, you’ll be able to administer all the settings associated with your domains.


  • Fast SSD Drives
  • SSD Data Caching
  • No Data Corruption
  • Data Caching & Compression
  • ModSecurity
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • ZFS Cloud Storage & Mail
  • WHOIS Privacy
  • and many more
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