Reasons why your company should be online

Reasons why your company should be online

In this digital crazy world, your business needs to be up to date with the latest technological trends. Big companies that existed before the introduction of the Internet had to get themselves online before they go extinct like the dinosaurs. If a technological approach to business does not improve customer base and sales then that approach needs to be scrapped. After all that’s business.


One approach your company should take technologically is having an online presence. What do I mean by an ONLINE PRESENCE? According to Michael Cohn,  An online presence is any existence of an individual or business that can be found via an online search. It goes beyond just having a website. Many companies have website but no one knows who they are and what they do except for those within their area of operation. Your business have to be on social media. I don’t mean just creating an account and going to sleep but being extremely active and i don’t mean uploading selfies too.

Your products and services have to be on popular platforms like Kingschat, Yookos, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Many of your customer base are people who now unknowing live their lives on social media. If you can’t get them on the street you can definitely get them online. There should be a Lichen relationship between your website and your social media platforms. Your customers should see it as one company not two separate businesses. What do I mean? You are into cakes and confectioneries. Your website displays your products and services while your Facebook page is displaying the latest happenings in the country. If you must do that it should be extremely important like Nigeria winning the African Nations Cup. Then you can say at the end XYZ company celebrates with the Super Eagles on their recent success. Here is an example I love from Gionee. They shared a picture of their latest M5 with a caption, “A fan sent us a message saying GIONEE M5 BATTERY LASTS LONGER THAN SOME RELATIONSHIPS THESE DAYS. who agrees with him?”. They are not giving you relationship advice on their page. They are indirectly telling you that they have a phone named M5 with long lasting battery. They only care about the relation between their products and you.

Reasons why your company should be online

Why should your company be online?

To increase your customer base.

One on one interactions between your company and a prospective client is good but sales will be poor. You can only attended to a limited number of people in day. At the end you will have repeated the same thing to 90 percent of your clients. A FAQ(Frequently Ask Questions) page of your website could have handled that. Your customer base will be beyond your geographical location. There will be no limits to who gets to see your product. It will be business across borders.

Reasons why your company should be online 2


Having your business online is also telling your world that you are available 24/7. Orders can be made in the middle of the night. Inquires can be made when no one is at the office and when your customer can’t come to the office. your website and your social media platforms becomes your visual office. Most times what your customer just need to know is what you have in store and the price details so they can order. They can easily share pictures of your products to a friend without you being involved.

Building your Brand

Your customer just want to be sure what others think of your product. They won’t make a purchase if you are not visible to the world. Brand building is all about building potential trust with your customer. When your product is out there and keeps receiving positive review from people that have tried the product out, then chances are more people will patronize you. I know you might be scared of negative comments on your products but if you offer quality product and services the positive will out number the negative. Even Samsung gets negative reviews. Try as much as possible to please all your customers and encourage satisfied customers to tell the world how much they love your products. Most importantly how you attended to them.

Stress Free

People like to buy a product but don’t like when a product is sold to them. Sometimes there is this suspicious look when you try to market a product to them even when your product is very good. The best approach is to write a good product description on your website and share on all your social media platforms. Relax and let them buy. That way they don’t feel like they are being cajoled and you don’t need to talk too much.

I hope by now you can picture your business having an online presence. To get started you can contact us.

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