WordPress Vs Blogger: Which is better?

Wordpress vs Blogger

The two most popular platforms, if a person wants to start blogging, are WordPress and Blogger. In this article, we will take a look at the features and differences between the two CMS.

A large number of people blog. Each of them has different reasons to start a blog. For some, this may be related to marketing, or for other professional reasons. For others, this may be a way of expressing their ideas and views. Regardless of the reason that a person decides to create a blog, the most confusing thing he has to deal with is choosing a platform for the blog. WordPress and Blogger are the two most popular platforms that provide many opportunities for people who want to start a blog. But which one is better? Let’s take a look.

Blog Start

Even if you’re new to the blogging world, you can very easily create your own blog and Blogger account. It will take you no more than 15 to 20 minutes to create a blog and you can start posting messages immediately. If you want your blog to look different, you can use numerous templates that can be downloaded for free.

On the other hand, starting with WordPress will be much more difficult if you are an absolute beginner and do not know what and how to do it.

Setup and use

If you look ahead and want your blog to look like a magazine, you will be disappointed with Blogger, as it will be problematic on it. In WordPress you can add categories to your blog, you can also display each of the categories differently on the main page, with the right plugins you can even make your blog a portal.

With Blogger, you can add various tools to increase the engagement on your site. There are quite a few themes and tools that you can add to the main template. With WordPress, you can also get themes, additional plugins, and advanced tools to help you expand your blog far beyond the blog platform.


This is another important point in the discussion. With WordPress, you own a domain name as well as blog content. But don’t forget, the database is owned by WordPress itself. With Blogger, on the other hand, you cannot be the owner of the content or the domain name of your blog. Blogger owners own the content of your blog, and they also have the right to close it without warning.

Traffic and Search Engine Optimization

For traffic and search engine optimization (SEO), there is no difference between the two. Traffic depends on the content of the blog. There is a false opinion about selectivity towards Blogger, which is completely wrong. The difference can only be made by the number of sites. There is a limit to the number of sites you can create on Blogger, while there are no restrictions on WordPress.


If you do not want to spend money on your blog, then it makes sense to start with Blogger. This may be due to the fact that you can blog on Blogger absolutely free. If you start a blog with WordPress, then it will be a little more complicated, you will need to purchase the domain and hosting on which your blog will be hosted.

From the general discussion above, it follows that it is really difficult to decide which of these two platforms is better. It will also depend on the type of blog you are about to start. You can take a look at the various blogs on WordPress and Blogger, and then decide for yourself.

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